Warbstow School Choir 1957 – 1959

Warbstow School Choir 1957 – 1959

Warbstow School Choir 1957-1959

Warbstow school choir entered the Launceston Music Festival at the Town Hall and were the winners of the shield three years on the running 1957, 1958 and 1959.
We sang as a choir at Launceston Music Festival in the Town Hall and competed against other school choirs, including Jacobstow school Choir. We won the shield on several occasions with Mrs H. Sheppard as the conductor.
She came from Wales – she and her husband, Mr. R Sheppard who taught at Otterham Primary school, lived in the school house at Warbstow – now the office. – Janet Grigg

School Choir 1957.

Warbstow School Choir 1957

Back Row – Jean Stidwell, Raymond Harvey, Wilfred Weeks, Ronald Soddy, Trevor Shute, Richard Hockin, Thelma Cowling.
Second Row – Mary Knight Beatrice Bolt, Mrs. H Sheppard (Choir Conductor), Marian Sloman, Doreen Baker.
Front Row – Audrey Gilbert, Vivienne Gliddon, Jean Bolt, Janet Grigg, Pauline Shute, Marjorie Gilbert.


School Choir 1958

Warbstow School Choir 1958

Back Row – Thelma Cowling, Lesley French, Wilfred Weeks, Richard Hockin, Janet Grigg.
Second Row – Pauline Shute, Vivienne Gliddon, Mary Knight, Mrs H. Sheppard (Choir Conductor), Jean Stidwell, Jean Bolt, Angela Vosper.
Front Row – Audrey Gilbert, Pamela Weeks, Marjorie Gilbert.


School Choir 1959

Warbstow School Choir 1959

Back Row – Albert Sloman Audrey Gilbert, Wilfred Weeks, Marjorie Gilbert, David Gliddon, Mrs Hyacinth Sheppard (Choir Conductor)
Second Row – Vivienne Gliddon, Celia Vosper, Janet Grigg, Angela Vosper, Alexandra Woodrow, Jean Bolt.
Front Row – Lois Sloman, Silary Hockin, Sally Dawe, Rodney Woodrow Pamela Weeks, Susan Gliddon.