Warbstow Parish Map

Warbstow Parish Map

Warbstow Parish Boundary and Population.

Population and Area

Location  50.6880° N, 4.5405° W: Post Code PL15


The Parish of Warbstow (Cornish: Lannwarburgh) is a village and civil parish in Cornwall, England, UK. The parish records a population of 439 according to the 2001 census, this increased to 520 at the 2011 census, estimated rising to 514 in 2020, estimated population density of 30.06/KM2. Indeed there has been little change in population numbers over the last 200 years, recorded as 333 – 1801, 375 – 1901.


The parish is rare as one of the few left in England to still have an exclave. The main body of the parish includes the villages of Warbstow, Warbstow Cross and Trelash plus a number of scattered hamlets, however the exclave, is separated from the main body by 150m, this includes the hamlet of Canworthy Water. Total area of Warbstow Parish 16.8 KM or 4151 acres.

Population source UK Office for National Statistics (web).