Warbstow School & History

Warbstow School & History

Warbstow School

Warbstow School

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Warbstow School – History
Year 1878
The school board for the United District of Warbstow Treneglos, Tresmere and Tremaine (Tremayne) has now completed the first of their new school buildings at Warbstow.
Accommodation is provided for 95 children, with Masters residence etc. complete the whole forming a handsome block of buildings about 70feet in length, with projecting wing at the end.
The dressing of granite with white brick strings etc. The interior fittings are of pitch pine varnished.
The requirements of the education department as space ventilation office etc have been carried out.
The buildings were designed by Mr. C. P. Wise – Architect Lasor and built by Messrs Squire & Parsons in a satisfactory manner.
The Board have also a new school Masters House etc in course of erection at Three Hammes by Mr R Mason Build Boscastle plans by Mr. Wise


School Class Images 1912 – 1959



Warbstow school class 1912

1920 -21

Warbstow school class 1920-21

Back Row – A. Bowden, R. Sloman, L. Davey, J. Squire
Second Row – P. Bowden, S. Cory, A. Smale, W. Dawe, H. Bolt, W. Hockin, P. Jenkins, R. Dawe
Front Row – W. Werren. D. Bolt, D. Dennis. M. Squire



Warbstow school class 1930

Back Row – F. Penny, K. Algate, R. Bolt, T. Smith, W. Grigg, D. Algate, D. Soddy, W. Shute, Teacher Miss Ivy Prout
Second Row – A. Dawe, D. Wickett, S. Orchard, M. Hockin, A. Grigg, D. Philp, M. Gregory, I. Cowling, M. Rundle, I Philp, G. Gregory, H. Squire
Third Row – T. Hockin, A. Bolt, D. Cowling, M. Cole, M. Lomer. D. Gynn, B. Grigg, G. Orchard, A. Philp
Front Row – J. Dawe, E. Burden, E. Dawe, W. Gregory, J. Orchard, E. Wadge, W. Parnell, T. Bolt R. Rundle.

1930 later in 1930

Warbstow school class 1930

Back Row – P. Squire, M. Hockin, I. Cowling, I. Parnell, M. Gregory, A. Grigg, M. Rundle, A. Bolt.
Second Row – H. Soddy, T. Smith, W. Shute, D. Cowling, D. Wickett, P. Parnell, S. Orchard, D. Gynn. R. Bolt. A. Soddy, W. Grigg
Third Row – W. Parnell, W. Gregory, E. Burden, K. Cowling, J. H. Dawe, J. Orchard,
Front Row – J. Dawe, E. Dawe, E. Wadge, P. Dawe, T. Bolt, H. Squire

1930 even later in 1930

Warbstow school class 1930

Back Row – Albert Soddy, Mabel Hockin, Adelaide Grigg, May Gregory, Phyllis Squire, May Cottle, Henry Soddy
Middle Row – Phyllis Parnell, Doreen Gynn, Grace Squire, Mary Cole, Marjorie Squire, Betty Grigg, Ruth Cottle, Dorothy Cowling, Joyce Burden
Front Row – Edwin Dawe, William Gregory, Phyllis Mason, Margaret Davey, Amy Bolt, Dorothy Wickett, Percy Dawe, Jim Dawe
Seated – Tom Hockin, Henry Squire, William Uglow, Tom Bolt


Coronation Year Queen Elizabeth 11

Warbstow school class 1953

Back Row – Mrs Soper (primary Teacher) Leslie French, Ronald Soddy, Roy Cobbledick, Trevor Shute, Richard Hockin.
Middle Row – Janet Grigg, Maureen Fishleigh, Doreen Baker, Marian Sloman, Jean Stidwell, Richard Squire
Front Row – Mary Knight, Celia Vosper, Pauline Shute, Helda Heard, Shirley Jones, Angela Vosper, Thelma Cowling


Taken in the playground in front of the wall, note the hedge and no bungalows to be seen!

Warbstow school 1955

Back Row – Mrs H Sheppard (Head Teacher) Richard Bolt, Raymond Harvey, Lesley French, Richard Hockin, Trevor Shute, Michael Shute, Bobby Waddle, Richard Squire, John Henry Bolt, Mrs Soper (Primary Teacher)
Second Row – Mary Knight, Rosemary Squire, Hilda Heard, Rodney Shute, John Hockin, Ronald Soddy, Joan Statton, Doreen Bolt, Beatrice Bolt.
Third Row – John Hockin, Janet Grigg, Doreen Baker, Ann Baker, Elizabeth Heard, Marian Sloman, Jean Stidwell, Marian Bolt, Albert Sloman.
Front Row – Audrey Gilbert, Jean Bolt, Eileen Waddle, Gwen Bolt, Thelma Cowling, Pauline Shute, Vivienne Gleddon, Marjorie Gilbert.


Warbstow school class 1957

Back Row – Mrs Sheppard (Head Teacher), Leslie Hockin, William John Rundle (Bill), David Gliddon, John Henry Bolt, Richard Bolt, Richard Squire, John Hockin, Albert Sloman, Edward Bolt, Anthony Harvey, Mrs Soper (Primary Teacher)
Third Row – Leslie French, Wilfred Weeks, David Dawe, Ronald Soddy, Trevor Shute, Richard Hockin Raymond Harvey.
Second Row – Angela Vosper, Mary Knight, Beatrice Bolt, Thelma Cowling, Patricia Dawe, Janet Grigg, Celia Vosper.
Front Row – Sally Dawe, Audrey Gilbert, Vivienne Gliddon, Jean Bolt, Gwen Bolt, Pauline Shute, Marjorie Gilbert, Pamela Weeks, Hilary Hockin.


Warbstow school class 1959


Back Row – Miss Dorothy Robert (Primary Teacher), Rodney Woodrow, Albert Sloman, Wilfred Weeks, Richard Bolt, David Gliddon, Eric Uglow.
Third Row – Audrey Gilbert, Marjorie Gilbert, Pamela Weeks, Vivienne Gliddon, Marian Bolt, Jean Bolt, Alexandra Woodrow, Janet Grigg, Celia Vosper, Angela Vosper.
Second Row – Linda Dinnis, Lois Sloman, Edna Dinnis, Jean Jefferies, Dereck Parsons, Darrell Shute, Norman Gilbert, Roger Vosper, Susan Gliddon, Sally Dawe, Hilary Hockin, Hester Squire.
Front Row – Edward Bolt , Victor Cowling, William John Rundle (Bill), Fred Hockin.