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D-Day 80 years 6th June commemoration

Warbstow Parish commemorated the 80th anniversary of D-Day on 6th June with the lighting of a beacon.

The gathering was held in the field below the Bury, opposite Bury Close in Warbstow,  The Beacon was lighted at 9.15pm.

The event was well supported by the Parish and we would like to thank those that attended and in particular, those that made it possible by planning and organising it.

Paul and Roger Vosper – for all their work building the beacon and for allowing the parish to use their field.
Helen and Graham Jeffs for ringing the church bells. Those that helped to decorate the lane leading to the events field and the war memorial, Audrie and Ian Atkin, Roger and Lynette Hutchinson and also Helen and Graham Jeffs.
Also to all those who donated wood for the evening.

The Beacon was one of scores that could be seen across the whole of West Country, from hill top to hill top.

Memories of the Event in Pictures

D Day Gathering Warbstow Parish 6th June 2024
D Day Gathering Warbstow Parish 6th June 2024
D Day Beacon Lighting in Warbstow Parish
Lighting of the Warbstow Beacon
D Day Beacon Warbstow Parish t June 2024
Beacon Well Alight
D Day Beacon Lighting Warbstow Parish 6th June 2024
Parishioners of Warbstow D Day Remembrance 6th June 2024



The longest day, for many would not live to see its close. For those a bill to pay, each generation free from tyranny to live. The day of days, let us not forget.